What is Edific?

Construction company Edific BV is a general and recognised contractor based in Antwerp. Whether it’s a newbuild or a renovation project, modern or classical style, we use the right people for each project for a quality result. We work on everything from large detached residences to medium sized houses and apartments. But we can also happily deal with commercial or office premises.

Our history

Edific was founded 15 years ago. It was not long before as construction professionals, we could count on a handful of motivated specialists.
During all this time, we brought a lot of construction projects to a successful conclusion. Each project enriched us with more knowledge and experience. This made us a flexible and widely deployable construction partner.
In the meantime, our company now has a workforce of 80 loyal and reliable workers, and we can rely on a huge network of returning and satisfied clients and customers. We know exactly which enthusiastic workers to use for each project.

For industry

Edific is your ideal construction partner in the industrial sector. Do you need a commercial building that meets all your needs and wishes? We send out the perfect team of experienced professionals for the realization of industrial halls, with or without office space (s), for example. With a production hall fully adapted to the necessities of your company, your productivity can only increase. A well thought-out logistics building, a warehouse, (car) garage or showroom? We have all the expertise available to offer a solution for every budget, with all kinds of possible materials.

Philippe Abandonné

Philippe Abandonné has been the business manager of Edific since 2008. Ever since he was a child, he has had a liking for the building industry. As a manager, he attaches great importance to the well-being of his employees. By investing in their health and safety, he now has an extensive and reliable team of skilled professionals.

Curious how we can help?

As a subcontractor, we can help you to successfully complete each project with a quality look. We put the right professionals in the right place and relieve the stress from our customers by also taking on the co-ordination ourselves. We also integrate your current administrative tools and processes into our service, saving you a lot of time!

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