We are VCA* rated

VCA stands for VGM Checklist Contractors (VGM = Safety, Health and Environment). A VCA certificate is not obligatory, but it clearly demonstrates that a company meets all safety requirements. As the most well-known and most requested certification in Belgium, we are proud to use VCA to enhance safety in our workplace.

Importance of health, safety and environment

At Edific we attach great importance to the health and safety of our personnel and their working environment, and we also want to keep a close track of progress. We are VCA-certified as a company and in possession of all necessary certificates to protect our workforce, such as risk analysis and safety planning.

Skilled and responsible personnel

The VCA courses are high quality and highly regarded. That is why we think it is important that all our personnel are in possession of a VCA certificate (B-VCA). All our managers must obtain the ‘VCA manager’ certificate (VOL-VCA). This is additional validation for both them and their colleagues that they can take responsibility for the safety of their team.

Who are we?

Construction company Edific BV is a recognised contractor based in Beveren-Waas. Whether it involves newbuild or renovation, modern or classical, home or office space, detached residence or apartment, we can work shoulder to shoulder with you on every construction project and provide the best professionals in the right place!

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